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Roofing Sparks

Sparks House Roofers

Walking through Sparks is quite an experience. You are getting a mixture of the old way of American life with a mixture of some new or more modern buildings. As we have said before this is a great challenge for us roofers! Each building and home has its own particular ins and outs that we are going to have to account for when working on them. There are a couple of questions that we get asked a lot by people from Sparks that have requested information about our services. So we thought we could really help you guys if we answered a few of these questions right here!

Can You Repair Very Old Roofs? 

We have talked a lot about this throughout the site, but maybe not so directly. There are some people that are a bit afraid to give us a call because they believe that bringing in new roofing can alter the unique look that a building has boasted for many years. We can’t tell people what to think or what not to think, all that we can say is that we have worked in plenty of projects where we have had to repair or replace many old style roofs and the results really speak for themselves! So to answer the question, yes!

Do You Work With Wood?

Many of the homes that you can still find around here are mainly made from wood. So it is only natural that people would want to know if we can work in these types of homes. We have worked with wood. Actually, we work with wood in most of the roofs that we work on. Many different types of roofs have a wooden fascia or other types of structures within the same roof that are naturally made of wood. So yes, definitely yes!

Why Do Leaks Develop? 

There are plenty of reasons why a roof can start “leaking”. One of the things that we always want to stress to our customers is that what is important in these cases is to find the source. You can plug up the hole so to speak, but if you are not doing anything to try and fix what caused the leak then you have not really done a great job. For the most part, leaks come from impacts of large objects on the roof or too much weight put on a specific area. So we have to make sure that we relive a lot of that pressure from your roof!

Do You Provide Affordable Roofing? 

Yes, and the reason that we can do that is that we work with all sorts of materials, and we are great at finding solutions to different issues. We have been around for a while, so it is highly unlikely that we are going to come across a situation that we have not seen before. We then are going to be able to present to you the different plans we can set into action. Many of these are affordable options!