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Roofing Jacksonville

Hereford Roofing

We really enjoy when we get a chance to work in Jacksonville. It is certainly different when compared to working in other towns where you get a more rural feeling. In this case, Jacksonville to us usually signifies a more urban lifestyle. As we have mentioned in other areas of the site this comes with different challenges. Spoiler alert here, without having so many trees and plants around it actually makes our job that much easier. Still, there are plenty of things that we have to account for when building or fixing roofs around here.

New Roof Installations

We are not picky about the types of projects that we take on by any means. That being said, when we do get the chance to work with a client from the beginning as they are building their home or going through a remodeling process. We do believe that we can totally impact the longevity of their roofing a whole lot more. Our job goes way beyond just setting tiles or things of that nature. We actually like starting out with an empty sheet of paper and design what we believe that the roof should actually look like!

What Am I Going To Have To Pay Upfront? 

What we always tell our clients or potential clients for that matter is that we are not to keen on throwing random numbers out over the phone or on this webpage. Each project is going to be different. So, we really don’t have many pre-packaged deals where we know what it is going to take to re-make a roof or build one from scratch. What we can say is this, what we do is we show you a wide variety of possibilities. Each will usually contemplate using different types of materials and therefore will be different in price. From there you will be able to know what your upfront investment is going to look like!

Hail Damage or Storm Damage

One of the main reasons that people end up giving us a call is because their roofing has been damaged by things like rain, hail, or snow. We have encountered these issues many times before so you really don’t need to worry about us having the necessary experience to be able to handle it! That being said one of the most important decisions that you are going to have to make at that point is deciding whether you want a full replacement or minor repairs!

What To Expect When You Give Us A Call

We have talked a little bit about this, but we thought we could dive a little deeper into what usually happens. For the most part, what we will try and do is set up a meeting where we will be able to actually take a look at the roof that you need us to fix or where you want us to build. After that happens we can get to the drawing board and provide the different types of options that we have been talking about!