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Roofing Hampstead

Roofing Hampstead

Hampstead is known for having a nice golf course area with condos and other great amenities. The reason that we bring this up is that a lot of these homes and buildings have what we like to call flat roofs. As their name would suggest these types of roofs are very different than your regular tiles roofs. When you have a flat roof you are going to need to find new and creative ways to be able to get water out of the roof. Having a roofing company that knows a thing or two about dealing with these types of issues can really benefit you no doubt about it!

Waterproofing Your Roof 

When you have pretty much any type of roof around here it would be a great idea to waterproof it regardless of the type of roof that we are talking about. The problem that a lot of people have is that they are not able to cover the roof correctly so they inevitably won’t be getting the best results from the waterproofing. Even though the process is not super complex you may want to think about giving us a call. When you get the professionals to the work you are usually going to be able to sleep a lot better at night!

Hail Damage

It may seem like we are shooting ourselves in the foot since we just talked about waterproofing and we are shifting to hail damage. So let’s break it down for you! With hail storms what is going to cause the most damage is the impact of literal rocks of ice on your roof. Waterproofing could actually give you an extra layer of protection, but it is not uncommon to see chips and broken pieces of tiles and shingles here and there. We will come in and evaluate the situation to come up with the most cost-effective solution.

Emergency Roof Repair

When we have a storm there are a lot of factors that could contribute to leaks developing and other issues that might need immediate care. There actually two ways that we can handle these emergencies. We can find ways to patch up the problem as a temporary solution before we go in and replace your entire roof or at least a major part. Other people will want us to replace their tiles right on the spot. One of the problems that you may encounter though is that it just won’t stop raining!

Do We Recommend Aluminum or Plastic Roofing? 

There are many different types of roofing options out there. That being said, there are some that undoubtedly work better than others. Plenty of warehouses around here have had aluminum based roofs for years and years. So it really would not make too much sense on our part to bash on them. What we don’t want is to have low-quality materials in our roofs. That is what we don’t recommend a lot of the plastic options out there may just not be fit to handle the weather that we get around here.