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Hereford Roofing


At Hereford Roofers we are a company that is based in Hereford Maryland but provides roofing services to virtually all of the cities and towns in this part of the state. If we were to, tally up the miles that we cover we could very well have as many miles on our trucks as state troopers put on their cars! It is what we do off the road though that has really allowed us to stay in business for such a long time! One of the main problems that people face when it comes to roofing is actually just forgetfulness. You only think about your roof one it has started leaking!

Preventive Services    

Not everything that we do is going to involve removing or placing tiles. As the saying goes the best defense is a good offense. We really believe that this applies to roofing as well, and here is why we think that. It is always going to be a lot easier to make sure that roofs are sealed and have gutters that work properly instead of trying to patch up all of the holes that are already there. The best way to make sure that you don’t get leaks in your roofs is to have us come in a couple of times a year for a quick inspection!

What Type of Roofs Can You Fix or Build?

We have worked with all sorts of roofs, from tiles to aluminum to everything in between. When it comes down to fixing a roof a lot of times we actually like to give our customers the opportunity to renovate their entire roofing. A lot of the roofs that are still standing in homes have really done a tremendous job. They have been there for years, but once you start having recurring problems it may be time to do a full change.

Roof Design

This is part of our roof building process. We really take this very, very seriously. With the number of trees and the amount of rain that we get around here, we need to make sure that the water and debris that falls on your roof can make its way down properly. To do that we need to have a roof design way before we start thinking about the types of tiles or shingles that we are going to use in the process. We think of all of those little details that a lot of people tend to ignore. That is why our roofs last a whole lot longer!

Not Keen On Making Huge Investments?

As we’ve mentioned a lot of people just outright forget about their roofing until something happens. If that is your case we are not trying to scold you we are just stating a fact. That being said, when you have a problem it is not like you are going to have a special budget for the project. We can help by fixing all sorts of issues at a very decent price. Find out much more details about us.