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At Hereford Roofers we are a company that works all throughout northern Baltimore County,  working on roofs for houses and other types of buildings. One thing that people should really keep in mind is that having “healthy” roofing can really benefit the entire home or building in many ways. It is not just about having a pretty roof that can make your home stand out. At the end of the day, we are talking about what is going to protect your head literally. Having proper roofing will allow you to really feel safe at home!

About Us

We are a company that provides our services specifically to our Hereford Zone neighbors. We are not going to be limited to only working with people that live a couple of blocks away from our headquarters that is for sure. As far as what we bring to the table as a company we would have to say that we have an extensive team of professionals that are capable of working on many different types of roofs.


    Our services include repairing all sorts of rooftops. We know that we can get a good amount of snow and rain out here. So it is really important that you make sure that your homes and buildings are well taken care of to avoid leaks or other issues that could come your way. As we’ve mentioned we offer our services to plenty of cities around Maryland!

    Hereford Roofing

    We always like to think of home as the place where it all began. We still have our main office buildings there and it was in Hereford zone that we actually realized how much we would be able to expand as a company if we set our minds to it. From there we started expanding the number of services that we offer! Plus, we started working in many neighboring areas!

    Roofers Working

    Whenever we get a chance to work in this area we know ahead of time that we are going to have to be extra careful with the impact that the number of trees and plants could have in roof especially in certain times of the year. A lot of people fail to realize that leaves and dirt can build up in their roofs. This can ultimately end up being the reason that a leak forms.

    Roofer Installing Asphalt Shingles On House Construction Roof Co

    This area is known for its condos and homes with decks. A lot of the larger buildings that you can find around here follow the same style. This is a bit of an issue for some people as you really don’t have a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing the type of home that you want to build. If you are looking to break the mold we would be more than happy to give you a hand and bring a new style to your roofs.

    I have had Hereford Roofers fix my roof a couple of times. I can honestly say that they are extremely professional and I am very happy with the results. Don’t wait until you start having leaks to give them a call!  - Thomas G.


    When people generally think of Phoenix their mind goes directly towards the Phoenix that is in Arizona. We have our version of the bird around here and we can say that it is by no means as dry or as hot as the one near the desert. This means though that your roof is going to be facing different types of challenges. Going with a company that has worked in the area for many, many years can be a huge advantage. We know what your roof is going to be put up against on a daily basis. This will allow us to create the right designs to ensure that you have a roof over your head for years to come!

    Hereford Roofers - Roofing Sparks MD

    If you are wondering whether or not we spend a considerable amount of our times on the road, the answer is yes! That is not a big deal for us though. We have an extensive team of professionals that are able to bring our premier services to everyone in this part of Maryland. In Sparks, we also want to be able to give home or business owners different options on how to build their roofs. We have seen though that there is not a lot of “openness” to unique roofing in many of these areas!

    Luxurious Executive House With Blue Sky

    We really like working in Monkton because we are able to find those colonial style roofs that are very common in this area of the country in general. We have had the chance to work on roofs for old fashioned long cabins as well, which was one of the best experiences that we have had. That being said, we have to point out that a lot of the homes and buildings that are still standing around here have quite a few years on them. Hiring a professional roofing contractor is the best way to make sure you avoid plenty of other types of issues!

    If you are looking for the best roofing services in this area call Hereford Roofing. They will go to you no matter where you are located basically and at the end of the day, you are going to have a beautiful new roof! - Donna F.

    Red Barn With Metal Roof
    White Hall

    As with many of the areas around we are bound to find plenty of trees and vegetation. We all know that they look great when they are perfectly green and covering your yard. Now, remember that gutters can easily be clogged up by an excessive amount of leaves and junk. A roof that is not designed properly to allow for natural water flow through it is bound to have some trouble as well. Getting us to check things out every now and then may not be a bad idea!

    Sparks House Roofers

    Folks in Freeland love having multiple buildings on their property. From the main house to different barns and stables. We know that a lot of times a couple of leaks here and there on the roof of the barn is not something that you are going to lose sleep over. That being said, you really never know when a small leak can turn into a huge gash and thus a major problem. Getting your roofing taken care of is not something that should translate to you breaking the bank! If you give us a call we take care of any issue for you with relative ease!

    Front Elevation Large Single Family Home

    In this part of Maryland, we could really say we have some of the most beautiful properties in America. With respect to other surrounding areas and the rest of the country! That being said, as we have mentioned before a lot of these homes have quite some history on them. The main idea that people want to cover is to update a home without it losing the style that it was built with. We are more than capable of getting that done for you!

    I don’t usually write reviews for any company. In this case, I literally have a roof over my head thanks to work that Hereford Roofers did so the least I could do is give them a shout out! If you have any type of roofing issue they can help! - Sharon H.

    If you live in or around any of the areas that we just mentioned then you can go ahead and pick up the phone to give us a call! When you call or contact us you will be greeted by one of our customer service agents who will gladly answer all of the questions that you may have! We want to help Maryland residents keep a roof over their head! We can only do that though for those of you who call or contact us! Also, check out Kamloops Roofer as they are also a trusted company!